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  1. Test - please ignore.
  2. Press Release: Electric Concept Car Comes to Life as Cadillac ELR
  3. Cadillac ELR Specifications
  4. Press Release: Converj: The “Cadillac” Of Electric Vehicles
  5. Limited cash to keep GM from green-lighting Cadillac Converj?
  6. GM Considering 4-Door Cadillac Converj for 2013
  7. Cadillac ELR: Two Door or Four Door?
  8. Cadillac confirms production ELR coupe using Chevy Volt technology
  9. Cadillac ELR Pricing
  10. Chevy Volt Battery Issues? Fire?
  11. Tesla Model S vs Cadillac ELR
  12. Cadillac ELR Sport Model? ELR-V?!
  13. Cadillac ELR Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive?
  14. GM's Robo-Glove
  15. Cadillac Named 2012 Customer Service Champion
  16. Spy Shots: Cadillac ELR Test Mule's
  17. Riding Shiny: Chevy Volt On 20’s Hinting At Cadillac Version?
  18. What do you like the most about the ELR?
  19. How long do you plan on keeping your Cadillac ELR when you pick one up?
  20. Would you get custom parts or bolt on parts for your Cadillac ELR?
  21. Would you daily your ELR or get another car to daily?
  22. Would you rather buy or lease your ELR?
  23. Cadillac ELR is on it's way! .......
  24. 2012 Beijing: GM CEO confirms Cadillac ELR to be sold in China
  25. Cadillac Wants to Be "Big and Important" in China
  26. mileage expectations on the Cadillac ELR?
  27. rear seats on the ELR?
  28. When you get your ELR, what would your first mod be?
  29. No, The Electric Cadillac ELR Will NOT Have Rear-Wheel Drive
  30. Here Comes the Made-in-China Cadillac
  31. Insider: 1.4L Engine Discontinued in 2014 Chevrolet Volt
  32. GM Trademarks “Cadillac LTS” Name
  33. 2014 Cadillac ELR (Efficientautomobile)
  34. ELR not to come until 2015?
  35. People who will buy the ELR
  36. Cadillac Customer Service for the ELR?
  37. If you owned a Volt would you upgrade to the ELR?
  38. Cadillac ELR concept to production changes?
  39. Cadillac ELR Competitors?
  40. Cadillac ELR: More Details On How the Volt Will Become a Caddy (Hint: More Power)
  41. New Details On Cadillac ELR Extended-Range Electric Car
  42. 2014 Cadillac ELR: Volt-Based Coupe To Get New Engine?
  43. 2014 Cadillac ELR Plug-In Hybrid EV: New Opel Engine Details Released
  44. 2014 Cadillac ELR Extended Range Electric Car Confirmed for Launch
  45. 2014 Cadillac Converj To Receive 2.0L Engine?
  46. Cadillac ELR Coupe 2014 With New Engine
  47. Cadillac sets sights on No. 1
  48. Episode 951 – Cadillac ELR, Next-Gen Kia Sorento, F1 Car “Sings” National Anthem
  49. Production Cadillac ELR to debut at 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
  50. GM Rides A Tricky Electric Balance In China
  51. Online report: New electric Cadillac will use smaller gasoline engine than Flint-made
  52. Cadillac To Debut New Escalade, CTS And ELR Next Year : GMAuthority
  53. Production Version of Cadillac ELR to Debut At Pebble Beach Next Year
  54. Countdown to Cadillac ELR Production Model Unveiling @ 2013 Pebble Beach Show
  55. Camouflaged Cadillac ELR spotted on the road!
  56. Cadillac ELR caught testing in production form
  57. Differences between the spied production model Cadillac ELR vs. Cadillac ELR Concept
  58. Cadillac ELR rear seats just might be useless!
  59. Possible blind spot problem on the production model Cadillac ELR
  60. Love it or Hate it? Spied production model ELR door handle
  61. 2014 Cadillac ELR spied for the first time
  62. Cadillac ELR Plug-In Readies for Production
  63. Spied: Cadillac ELR Interior In Detail
  64. Cadillac ELR Spy Photos Making The Rounds
  65. What Power Train Changes Will the Cadillac ELR Have?
  66. 2014 Cadillac ELR Production To Kick Off in Late 2013
  67. GM to Build New Cadillac ELR at Detroit-Hamtramck Plant Starting in Late 2013
  68. Cadillac ELR confirmed to be FWD
  69. Are you for or against the Cadillac ELR being FWD?
  70. DETROIT PREVIEW: GM to reveal Cadillac ELR
  71. Cadillac to Kick Off Production of Gorgeous ELR in 2013
  72. Cadillac to build luxury plug-in hybrid in 2013
  73. is Excited to see the New Cadillac ELR
  74. Cadillac ELR to be Built at Detroit-Hamtramck
  75. 2014 Cadillac ELR | Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine
  76. Cadillac ELR pricing problem?
  77. Cadillac teases production ELR ahead of Detroit Auto Show
  78. 2013 Cadillac ATS review (Digital Trends)
  79. Cadillac ELR, New Infiniti Names, Ralph Gilles v. MotorTrend, BMW Z4, & M
  80. Chevrolet Volt to get plug-in hybrid successor in Cadillac ELR
  81. Cadillac ELR to be Unveiled at NAIAS
  82. New teaser of the Cadillac ELR
  83. Cadillac teases camo'd ELR ahead of Detroit debut
  84. New Photos of the Cadillac ELR from Detroit Auto Show!
  85. Cadillac ELR fully revealed ahead of tomorrow's launch
  86. Car and Driver: Tested: 2014 Cadillac ELR Revealed - CAR and DRIVER (Video reveal!)
  87. 2014 Cadillac ELR is making green sexy in Detroit
  88. 2014 Cadillac ELR: Up Close [kicking tires]
  89. Cadillac ELR Brings Sexy Sophistication to Plug-In Hybrids
  90. 2013 Detroit Auto Show: Winners and Losers
  91. Cadillac ELR, Nissan Resonance and Ford Atlas win Eyes on Design awards
  92. Would you still buy the Cadillac ELR if it's MSRP was higher than expected?
  93. What Do We Really Know About the Cadillac ELR?
  94. Cadillac reveals ELR with technology beloved by Volt users
  95. GM unveils electric luxury Cadillac ELR coupe but who is served best?
  96. Cadillac boasts battery system
  97. Cadillac ELR Could Command A Higher MSRP Than Expected
  98. Cadillac ELR – The Future is Green and Sexy!
  99. A Deep Dive on Cadillac's ELR
  100. Slideshow: Cadillac ELR Trades Efficiency for Power
  101. Cadillac ELR vs. Chevrolet Volt 2.0
  102. Auto red book review: Cadillac elr concept
  103. New Cadillac ELR Brings a Touch of Luxury to the Green Auto Market
  104. Is the Cadillac ELR a car for everyone?
  105. Rendering: Cadillac ELR Convertible
  106. Cadillac rushing update for laggy CUE infotainment system
  107. The 2014 Cadillac ELR – Underpowered?
  108. Sneak Preview
  109. 2014 Cadillac ELR Sneak Preview
  110. Chicago Auto Show: 2014 Cadillac ELR
  111. Cadillac Continues Development of New ELR Extended-Range Coupe
  112. 2014 Cadillac ELR still undergoing testing [video]
  113. Cadillac ELR Gets Put Through Its Winter Weather Paces
  114. Cadillac ELR Takes Priority Over the Volt
  115. 2014 Cadillac ELR makes Canadian debut during Toronto Auto Show
  116. Cadillac ELR awards and recognition
  117. Geneva Motor Show 2013: Cadillac ELR 2014 will be presented the electric
  118. 2013 Auto Show: How do you make a hybrid fun? Turbocharge it
  119. Cadillac ELR Manufacturing Plant
  120. Cadillac ELR Battery Warranty
  121. Quick Look: 2014 Cadillac ELR
  122. Cadillac showcases ELR interior [video]
  123. 2014 Cadillac ELR Coupe vs Fisker Karma
  124. rear seat room
  125. Industry first power-assisted cup holders in the Cadillac ELR: Who asked?
  126. Do you like Cadillac's new Interior Design?
  127. Cadillac ELR Shifter: Like or Dislike?
  128. Cadillac ELR Definitely Headed to Europe, But Not in Right-Hand Drive
  129. What are the rivals for the Cadillac ELR?
  130. Why does the Cadillac ELR take priority over the Chevy Volt??
  131. Cadillac ELR Rebates And Tax Incentives, will this justify the buy?
  132. ELR to Feature Bose Audio
  133. Future Toyota EV could get four times more power than the Cadillac ELR!
  134. Will Cadillac ELR sales be as good as Chevy Volt Sales?
  135. GM to Downsize Engines for Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR
  136. Why Do You Like the ELR?
  137. What Don't You Like about the Cadillac ELR?
  138. Lost the key of my car - Needs a locksmith
  139. How much would you spend on a Cadillac ELR?
  140. HIT THE ROAD - Pirelli Photo Contest - Win a $1000 VISA Gift Card
  141. $60 MAIL-IN REBATE from Pirelli - Chance to win a trip to Italy!
  142. What other cars are you looking at?
  143. Cadillac ELR Paddle Shifters
  144. Cadillac ELR Sedan?
  145. Cadillac ELR Won't be available at all dealerships
  146. Cadillac ELR Paint Colors
  147. 2014 Cadillac ELR: Walks and Talks Like a Volt, But Doesn't Look Like a Volt
  148. Will Tesla's EV success transfer over?
  149. Cadillac ELR Production Beginning Late 2013, Sales Start Early 2014
  150. A look inside the 2014 Cadillac ELR
  151. First Cadillac ELR rolls off the line
  152. Cadillac ELR Spotted In Pittsburgh?
  153. Cadillac ELR - Jay Leno's Garage
  154. Black Cadillac ELR Spotted in Michigan
  155. 2014 Cadillac ELR Launch Date Confirmed
  156. Cadillac ELR Makes Dynamic Handling a Priority
  157. any Cadillac ELR test drives? reviews?
  158. Are Luxury EV's the next "it" thing?
  159. ELR Pricing
  160. Cadillac ELR First Electric Car to have All-LED Exterior Lighting
  161. Can the Cadillac ELR compete with the Tesla Model S?
  162. Cadillac ELR is ranked as one of the top 25 cars worth waiting for by Car and Driver
  163. Time for Cadillac to update its logo
  164. Gm to replace 24% of its sales volume annually with new models
  165. 2014 Cadillac ELR makes 2014 North American Car of the Year long list
  166. Electric Vehicle Sales Climbing Faster than Hybrids Did
  167. Electric Cars Selling More Quickly Than Hybrids
  168. Ready for Battle
  169. Cadillac loses another big part of its team
  170. Cadillac ELR Goes Ultrasonic
  171. New Cadillac Concept Car to be revealed at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
  172. Elmiraj concept car debuts at Pebble Beach
  173. Powermat wireless charging technology to be introduced in 2014 models
  174. Too expensive to capture the elusive millenial youth?
  175. ELR for the Boomers
  176. Blitz the Germans!
  177. The Cadillac ELR is Cadillac's key to California
  178. GM wants to build an affordable EV to compete with Tesla's Model S
  179. Tesla vs Cadillac Posturing, ELR is Model S if we believe good enough
  180. ELR priced from $75,000
  181. Cost of purchasing ELR in Los Angeles
  182. Cars I can buy for 75k
  183. Video shows off noise cancellation technology in video
  184. January Availability
  185. We aren't the only ones who think $75,995 is too much for the Cadillac ELR
  186. Why buy the ELR over the competition?
  187. Cadillac considering more electric cars, Elmiraj business case gaining popularity
  188. Saks Fifth Avenue Limited-Edition ELR
  189. Cadillac picks up new marketing head from BMW
  190. A More Expensive ELR...
  191. Cadillac still 10 years away from becoming a global brand
  192. Win a Trip to the Festivals of Speed, Orlando
  193. a real sports electric! :D
  194. GM to offer internet access in most 2015 models sold in the US and Canada
  195. Purchase of a set of four Pirelli Winter tires and receive a $50 Visa Prepaid gift card
  196. ELR Smart Grid Service
  197. New Lithium-Ion Batteries Pack More Power
  198. Cadillac shows off the ELR at the 2013 LA Auto Show
  199. who will actually buy the ELR?
  200. Five recent ELR reviews
  201. 2014 Cadillac ELR Performance Specs
  202. Why ELR over Volt?
  203. Some say the high price of the ELR won't matter
  204. Road & Track eviscerates the ELR
  205. Consumer Reports dismisses the ELR
  206. GM plans to expand in Europe over the next 3 years
  207. Survey Says $25k Barrier Is A Problem For EVs
  208. Can Cadillac get away with its new high prices?
  209. Cadillac begins delivering ELRs to dealerships, enlists Santa for help
  210. Cadillac ELR Configurator is now UP!!!!!!
  211. EVs depreciate harder than combustion
  212. GM to buy Tesla next year?
  213. From Converj to ELR: The Evolution of Cadillac ELR Design
  214. The best part of the Cadillac ELR is the revised software
  215. They Sold 6
  216. App Shop, Funny Joke
  217. I've driven an ELR, and I'm very impressed...but not sold
  218. Battery Packs
  219. Cadillac Officially Introduces new "Streamlined" Crest
  220. So does anyone own one?
  221. Cadillac ELR owner's manual
  222. Cadillac ELR Review from Volt Drivers
  223. Cadillac ELR gets rendered as a five-door
  224. Funny Feckin Business
  225. 2014 Cadillac ELR to Lease for $699 a Month
  226. Ruess tells it like it is...
  227. Cadillac gives free 240V home chargers to ELR owners
  228. The First FULL Month
  229. ELR Takes Shots at Europe
  230. What is the ELR missing that other Cadillacs have?
  231. Cadillac ELR is nominated for the 2014 World Luxury Car Award
  232. screen dimness and reverse camera
  233. Cadillac ELR commercial features man who only works and could care less about family
  234. Half Available
  235. On ELR Pricing Criticism, GM Product Chief Has A Different View
  236. Tesla vs GM
  237. Over 1000 built so far
  238. Cadillac dealers are refusing the ELR because of its high cost
  239. ELR 'Day Mode' vs. 'Night Mode'
  240. Driving the ELR in the rain
  241. Tax Reform to end EV incentives
  242. The Commercial
  243. Is the ELR twice as good as my Volt?
  244. Sales... or, er, not?
  245. Another analysis of ELR vs Model S vs LS460
  246. My least favorite ELR "feature"
  247. ELR Option Codes
  248. Any other owners experience these ELR issues?
  249. ELR Drop Head
  250. Gosh, I thought only Teslas ever caught on fire...